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eBay Moves Away From Commission Junction – [2008]

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So last month eBay announced that they were dropping their affiliate program through Commission Junction and starting their own. I just wanted to give you a first hand look at what I’ve noticed after moving my sites from Commission Junction over to the eBay Publishers Network (EPN).

A drop off in sales is exactly what I’ve noticed. I know it could to due to many different things and not just the switch, but ever since I moved to the EPN I don’t get nearly has many conversions. I used to make at least something every single day, but now I’m lucky if I see something once a week! I don’t know what’s going on, if it’s a cookie issue, site issue, eBay issue or what, but I don’t like it. What I do like, however, is the interface and the reporting. Lots of good detailed reporting that is easy to go through and analyze. Obviously it’s tailored to eBay and not a million different affiliates like CJ, but it’s definitely a great tool.

So my recommendation to anyone that uses eBay through Commission Junction right now is to wait as long as you possibly can to move your sites over. They extended the deadline to June 1st so you have a little bit of time still to maximize your profits. And like I said, the drop off in sales could be due to a number of issues and not just the switch to EPN, but I didn’t really change anything on my sites so who knows.

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