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Take Advantage of Family With Affiliate Marketing – [2010]

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It’s definitely not easy to get a successful site up and running when it comes to affiliate marketing so why not use family to help. Sure, you could find a niche that works extremely well right off the bat and not have to do much work, but for 90% of us that don’t get that lucky it can be kind of a downer when we don’t make any money, but why not turn the holidays into a profit center by using your family.

In general the winter holidays are a good time for affiliate marketers, but if you don’t have the visitors and still want to make a little extra cash you should give this method a try. I was completely hounded by my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, girlfriend, etc… pretty much everyone, for gift ideas for Christmas (and my birthday since it’s in January) and of course I can never come up with anything. So this year what I did was scoured Amazon for any movies, video games, clothes, electronics, etc. that I wanted and sent an email out to all my family members, but in this case I made each link my affiliate link. Sure, it kind of ruins the surprise on Christmas morning when you have already checked your affiliate records and know what everyone has bought you, but considering I’m almost 30, Christmas just doesn’t have the appeal that it did when I was younger.

So while I got things that I truly asked for, I also made a few bucks from the affiliate side of things when my family bought them for me. I’m not going to get rich off of the few clicks and purchases they made, but the cookie lasts for a while and maybe they’ll go back on and pick up something else which will lead to more cash in my pocket. This month is actually my best month in 2 years with the Amazon affiliate program, although a lot of it is due to the fact that I restructured one of my sites to take advantage of it, but the family definitely helped out.

So if you’ve got a birthday, anniversary, whatever… coming up and people are asking what you want, shoot them an email with your affiliate link and see if you can make a few bucks on top of getting what you wanted.

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