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5 Ways to Get a Freelancer to Do What You Want – [2010]

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With sites like,, and more it is easier then ever to get a freelancer or amass and deploy a large workforce at a moments notice.  This can be a huge benefit to you and your company as it mainly just relies on the project manager to know what they are doing and understand how all of the cogs of the wheel fit together.  It has actually allowed me to create cheap websites and profit from jobs more than having an in-house team to do things.   It has gotten to the point for me where I am now trying to bring on an internal person to manage this deployable workforce so that I can continue to go out and find more of these highly profitable websites to build.  There have been 5 main things I have learned from doing all of this shit on my own for a few years…

1. Look at portfolios

For the love of god do not hire someone who’s work you have not seen. I don’t care if someones best friend used this person and you are supposed to just trust them on a whim, dont do it.  That best friend might have been building an alligator taming website and you are building a site about free popsicles.  They are different, will have different requirements, and might not need to look the same.  Most developers have a “style.”  Make sure you see it before you offer up your cash.

2. Read the reviews

People have used this developer/person before right?  If not, find someone else.  Do not use someone without reviews.  Look at both the good reviews and the bad reviews, I often find myself caring more about shitty reviews than people’s good reviews. Don’t ignore what people said but don’t take it as gods word, sometimes they are dumber than you and your preparedness would have avoided the reason they were pissed.  Read the reviews and use them.

3. Understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

If you think you do, you don’t.  You must be SURE of what you are doing. Do not wager that you will get exactly what you need from your minions because you will not unless you know exactly what to tell them.  Do not think you are smarter than you are.

4. Look for a jack of all trades

Someone who also understand how the different parts of a site fit together knows more than someone who is just a designer.  Often you can find a designer, coder, optimizer, javascript genius and more all in one elancer.  Sometimes these people can be more expensive than individuals but their knowledge is worth your extra coin.

5. Don’t be a cheap-ass

This is where people who have no idea what they are doing get into crazy messes, spend boatloads of money and end up with half a project that doesn’t do shit.  Unless you understand what you are gaining from “cheaping out” and using a workforce like this it is a bad idea.  It is not about saving tens of dollars, its about saving thousands of dollars, its the same reason someone will buy a prebuilt computer or build their own.  You can generally get a lot more bang for your buck handling it on your own, but if you dont know what you are doing,and fuck it up, than what are you gunna do? You’d much rather send it back to someone and say “FIX MY SHIT.”  Same is true here.

These lovely little tips should help you navigate the world and harness the power of these deployable work forces.

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