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Firefox Plugins – [2008]

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For those of you out there who are so very anxious to combine your love for internet money making and the fantastic browser Firefox, this post is most certinly for you. I am going to show you some of the plug-ins and resources we here at IG use to spend less time hunting for information and more time learning from information.

1.) SEOQuake

What this wonderful toolbar does is provides you will all that information you would spend a good 10-15 minutes hunting for about any website on the internet. The toolbar sits right under your address bar, or wherever you decide to place it and gives you a plethora of valuable information for the budding internet entrepreneur. Information starts at, but is not limited to: Google PageRank and Index Number, Yahoo Links and LinkDomain, the MSN Index, Alexa Rank, the site IP, easy access to the Whois information, Link Density, Incoming and Outgoing links, and a ton more. There are so many options for this toolbar its almost ridiculous.

2.) Web Developer

This hot little piece of code lets you pretty much tear down any website on the internet. You can turn off CSS, add your own custom CSS, disable links, disable images, show borders around tables, view rulers, delete session cookies and buttloads more. A fantastic tool for any web-savvy individual.

3.) MetaTags

Pretty self-explanitory, MetaTags shows you all of the meta-information for any given page. It also can show you MIME type and charset, DTD, root tag, and XML namespace, last modification time, referrer and more. However it does not stop there, arguably the best part about MetaTags is the built in automated search engine submission tool.

4.) EzSidebar

Now, assuming you have a few different plugins installed, your interface can get pretty disgusting looking. While numbers everywhere might be good for impressing your parents or your girlfriend, it most certinly get get annoying when trying to browse. Enter EzSidebar. This little bugger lets you detach your sidebar, and anything that might live within it. No more StumbleUpon, WebDeveloper, ForecastFox bars crowding up your browser, they can now be added to the sidebar, detached and dragged wherever your little heart desires.

5.) StumbleUpon

Chances are, if you are reading this blog you are already going to be aware of this gem. Not only is it the absolute best way to kill time when you have run out of websites to read, but it is a great way to make sure that others are going to see your website. StumbleUpon is a tiny little addon that sits in the bottom corner of your browser with 3 icons (once configured) and lets you sit endlessly entertained. It works by showing you webpages based on your interests that have also been given good ratings by others who like similar things. StumbleUpon has won countless awards, and once you download and install it, you will see why.

6.) BlogRovr

BlogRovr is a neat little application that will fetch posts related to what you are browsing from blogs all around the internet. Rovr sits in the background and pays attention to that knitting pattern you are researching and will go hunt for other knitting related articles through the blogs you tell it to. They then pop up as headlines in the sizeable tray. From there you can either click and read just a summary or Ctrl+click to open the post in a new window. More of an information hoarder then a handy tool, BlogRovr is a great way to find trusted information about any particular topic.

These plugins are just a few that I would consider worthwhile. If you see something I missed, let me know!

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