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Minimalism: Make More Money By Spending Less

make more money by spending less

A good friend of mine recommended checking out this Netflix documentary called “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things“. The documentary basically tells you that the answer to happiness isn’t buying more things, it’s actually getting rid of things and living a more simple life; only surround yourself with the things that you know make you truly happy. It’s a good message, but how does it apply to me?

I actually feel that I already live a minimalistic lifestyle. It’s not quite as extreme as some of these people that are living in tiny houses, 400 square foot apartments, or any of that, but I certainly don’t judge my success on the things I own. I will say though, I have no always been like this.

When I was 16 I bought my first car. I had been working at a local grocery store since I turned 15 because my parents told me that I would be responsible for purchasing my own car and paying for insurance and gas. Knowing this information led me to get a job and start saving money so that I could ensure that I was able to purchase some sort of vehicle when I turned 16. When I turned 16, my dad actually needed to add another vehicle to his snow plowing business, so he split the cost of a 6 year old Jeep Wrangler with me. The car was $6600 and I was responsible for half of that, but whenever it snowed, I had to find my own way around, as my dad would need the car to snow plow with. $3300 is pretty daunting for a 16 year old to pay back, but over the next few years I managed to do just that. I kept a job all through high school and by making payments of $100-150 a month to my dad I was able to abolish that debt.

After paying off that car I went away to college and didn’t take it with me. My brother drove it for a few years, but the years of snow plowing, put a lot of stress on the car and we got rid of it for $2000 I believe, which my dad and I split. After moving back home halfway through college and starting to work more (while finishing my degree closer to home), I decided it would be a good time to buy a brand new car for my 21st birthday. I bought my first brand new car, $22,000, on my 21st birthday; my dad didn’t own a new car until he was almost 40. After a few years with this car I got bored, sold it, and bought a used car for $25,000. What on earth does a 24 year old need with a luxury coupe?

I drove that car for a couple years and then started to smarten up. I sold that car for $20,000, paid off my loan, took the remaining cash and bought another Jeep for $5,000. I had no car payment anymore and a perfectly good car. Unfortunately I was forced to sell this car when I moved further from my job and the gas mileage made it totally unfeasible. I, again, bought a used car, this time for $15,000, took out a loan for about $9,500 and paid it off within 3 years, and ever since then I have not had a car payment… going on 6 years now.

Not having a car payment is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

So while I do tend to live a more minimalist lifestyle now, I did have that problem with purchasing cars that I didn’t need. And I know not everyone has the same problem as I did, but a brand new car is still “stuff”. And having a new car didn’t make me any happier in the long run. The car just drove me from place A to place B.

What is the point of all of this?

The point I’m trying to make here, in regards to Internet Gangsters, and making money online, is that the goal of making money online should not be so that you can afford to buy more crap. The goal behind making money online should be to give you more freedom. By creating a machine that makes you money online for doing a few minor updates a day (when you get to that point), it affords you the ability to spend time doing the things you want to do. And notice how I said DOING THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO, not buying the things you want to buy. You don’t need a huge house, you don’t need a fancy car, you don’t need that little knick-knack of the week that you read about online… You need friends, conversation, family, vacations, experiences, etc. Those are the things that you need to spend your money on.

We are currently looking at moving into a new house, but we know what we need. We need 3 bedrooms, one for me and my wife, one for our daughter, and one for our 2nd future kid (when we get to that point). We need 2 bathrooms, one of us and one for the kids. We need a living area, a kitchen that has cabinets and appliances (they dont have to be fancy), and we need some sort of space for me to work out of… that’s it. We don’t need granite countertops, we don’t need a dining room, we don’t need a separate living room and family room… we just need the space that we are going to utilize. And by only paying for the space we need, we’re able to look at homes that are a lot more affordable.

This same concept also pertains to clothes. I personally just wear the same shit every day; a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of jeans, and it’s not like I have a huge closet full of a variety of those things. I have like 2 pairs of jeans, 2-3 hoodies, and maybe a dozen t-shirts (if that). Honestly, out of all of the clothing that I own, underwear has the most individual pieces.

And I get that this may not be an option for everyone, to be this minimalist with your clothes, but you know there is shit in your closets you can donate or get rid of.

Make More Money By Spending Less

A lot of this documentary focuses on people that over consume, and I know that’s not everyone. I know that over consumption has woven its way into every financial level in the country, but do you think those people with a lot of money got rich by buying stupid shit? No, they didn’t. By spending less money, you’re making more money. Your paycheck may be the same amount every week, or your websites might make the same amount, but if you spend less money each month, you have more money left over each month. Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world, and part of that is because he doesn’t spend his money on stupid shit he doesn’t need. Buffett actually seems like a happy guy…

On the opposite end of the spectrum, look at like the Kardashians. They have money coming out of their asses, but if you’ve ever stomached your way through an episode of their fucking awful TV show, then you’ll see how truly unhappy those people are. They have tons of material things, huge houses, lots of cars, etc., but they are constantly fighting with one another, they are constantly unhappy with themselves, they are constantly complaining about something stupid… they never just seem truly happy….

Now I’m not telling you to stop spending your money, but think twice when you think you need to buy something. Do you really need it? Is it going to make you truly happy? Look around your house right now, I bet you can find at least 10 things within your eye sight that you could give two shits about if they disappeared tomorrow and never came back. I can definitely do that in my house as I’m writing this.

Those are the types of things you should think twice before even purchasing in the first place. Stop giving in to the advertisements and marketing ploys you see around you on a daily basis and start genuinely trying to figure out what makes you happy. This will help you as you start to build up websites in your attempt to gain some financial freedom through making money online. You’ll start to realize that the money you’re setting out to make isn’t so that you can buy some random electronics, but rather so you can travel the world (or something like that).

And while I didn’t feel that this documentary really resonated with me, in my personal life, it’s clearly a problem within our entire culture, and with the information we’re going to be presenting on this website, we want to ensure that you guys are in this for the right reasons, and realize that this is hard work, but it can pay off in the long run, but only if you know what the end goal is.

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