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Saving Money – [2009]

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It’s safe to assume that if you are reading this article, you are interested in making money. Be it money earned online or money earned offline, earning your keep can make you feel just as good as shooting your nemesis with a net gun. However, making money is only one side of the coin, if you are going to be raking in the cash, you need to make sure that it isn’t running back out.  You see, part of why internet moneymaking remains profitable is because you are able to start with such a low overhead.  Once you see a decent ROI over time, you can then up the ante and start dishing out some money for AdWords campaigns and the like, but you want to spend your money wisely, and that includes budgeting and saving.  There are several ways you can track what you have coming in vs what is going out.  For a while i was using Mint, but for whatever reason, it seems not to ever be 100% accurate.  It sometimes forgets to send me my balance text messages and it doesn’t connect to my BoA accounts correctly,  so ultimately its use has come second to me just logging into my Bank of America account and doing it that way.  At any rate, when you are conscious of the what you are spending and can put it in an actual dollar amount, you can inadvertently save where you might have otherwise spent.

Another tip for this upside-down economy.  If you can’t control yourself with your credit cards, why not ask the issuing company to lower your credit limit?  I had a $17,000 limit for no reason on my Mastercard.  I never spent over 1k/month, so i called them and had them drop it to 8500.  I know its still not close to the 1k i spend a month(average) but it allows for half of thew wiggle room and potential trouble from the larger credit line.

Overall, just make sure to spend only the money you have.  Just because things are cheaper now, does not mean they need to be bought.  Its great to make a lot of money, but even if you do, be sure to save wisely, not just spend wisely.

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