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The Internet Gangsters are Back!

internet gangsters the revival

It’s been just over six years since Michael and I have written a new article on this site, but that’s all about to change going in to 2017. Over the past six years, each of us has been working on our own things, starting families, starting companies, and even moving across the country, but some how in between all of that, we came together and finally had the opportunity to work directly with one another.

While this site has sat dormant since 2010, and was even completely offline up until today, we have never stopped doing the things that we used to write about here, we’ve just started doing them for clients instead of ourselves.

Michael started a successful internet marketing company and was able to save me from corporate hell and we began working together directly. We’ve helped multiple clients increase their web traffic by more than 1000% in some cases (some even more). We’ve taken what we’ve learned all those years ago working on Internet Gangsters and applied them in other ways to help our clients websites grow. And while we love helping our clients grow their traffic numbers and increase their conversions, it’s time to start practicing what we preach again.

Our interest and passion for affiliate marketing and making money online using websites dwindled a bit over the years when we realized that doing it for clients was a bit more lucrative up front, but things are changing, and it’s time to focus on ourselves again.

We’ve been having some early success as we’ve begun to build up our own internal portfolio of sites, but we wanted to make sure to share that information with everyone as we progressed through the process.

With this newly revived site we plan to outline all of the steps we’ve taken in order to achieve success. We plan to reveal some of our favorite tips and tricks, as well as guides on how to easily do all of these things yourselves.

We won’t divulge exactly what avenues we’re pursuing, or what niches we’re trying to target, but we will be as specific as we possibly can when discussing our methods and our thinking.

We’re not trying to make money off of this site, we’re merely trying to keep ourselves honest and keep sort of a public diary of what works and what doesn’t. And at the same time we hope that we can help at least one person setup a blog, or start a website, that can make them a few bucks every month.

In resurrecting this site, we made the decision to keep all of our old posts from 2008-2010 on the site, even though a lot of the information is completely outdated at this point. We chose to keep them because it’s a reminder of the success we have had in the past, and it reminds us that we can absolutely repeat that success today with the knowledge we’ve gained over the years.

So feel free to read through some of our older posts to see what we had previously had success with and laugh at what actually worked back then compared to what works today.

The world of SEO, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Sales has changed drastically from when we started doing this, but figuring it out is half of the fun, and we believe we can figure this out going forward.

So we’ll see how this goes. We’ve got a few niche sites that we’re working on now that we’ll keep everyone updated on and report on what we’re doing and what is working and what isn’t, as well as some of our revenue numbers from various programs.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope that you’ll stick around to see what we’re up to these days…

~ Internet Gangsters

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Tom has been working in marketing for the last 18 years, whether that's for large companies or small agencies. He currently works at a small digital marketing agency helping clients grow their web presence. He's also been involved in a number of affiliate marketing websites over the years.

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