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What is Internet Gangsters? – [2008]

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Hello, and welcome to Internet Gangsters. Here you will find all sorts of information on all things related to making money on the internets. Tom and myself have decided to share our experiences with domain sales, internet marketing, SEO, PPC and whatever else has the potential to generate revenue online. A bit of background first. A few years ago both of us graduated from an unnamed art college in Chicago with degrees in interactivity on the web. What the fuck is that you may be saying to yourself right now? Well that is also how we feel about it. Nothing against the school, well maybe a little, but we left school no better then we started off, a pair of computer-savvy kids who didn’t want to go to a big state school and study accounting, like everyone else we know. They can all manage all the money we make. Works well for everyone. Anyways, this “interactive multimedia” major was supposed to be some revolutionary hybrid program that combined creativity with web technologies. It did not. Nothing against our professors, because most of them were pretty good at what they did, it was just a jenky program that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be when it grew up. So we graduated, worked for the man for a few years and here we are, trying to supplement our day jobs with the few cents that Google tosses our way for an ad click, so start clickin’. That is just a breif overview of who/what we are. Tell everyone you know, set us to your homepage, link to us, digg us, stumble us and most of all come here as often as possible for a healthy dose of sarcasm mixed with money making.

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