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Text-Link-Ads Experiment #1 – [2008]

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So I decided to venture into the world of text-link-ads where you put a piece of code on your site and they sell links for you and then display them and in turn you get paid for the links. It seems like a good concept and the site is pretty slick and easy to use. This is my first time using them so I figured I’d start documenting my experience.

The site I am putting it on is a site that was getting about 30,000 unique hits for the past few months. It no longer gets that many hits due to it being a fan site about a movie and the movie as since come out. I still receive roughly 3,000 unique hits a day of people that are just now finding the site, so it still does very well. I have placed the code in the upper left corner of the content area of the page in the left sidebar so we’ll see how it does. The code was installed yesterday and nothing has appeared yet, although they say this is normal and that I should start seeing paid links within a week. So all we can do now is wait and I will keep you posted on what sort of results I see with this new program.

Click Here To Join Text-link-ads yourself and try it out, let us know your results.

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