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Text-Link-Ads Have Been Approved – [2008]

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A little update on my text-link-ads.com experiment. I guess I should have read the emails they were sending me a little more carefully before I started to write them off as not being able to sell ads for my site, but I received an email today saying that the site I setup was approved at that ads should start appearing on my site soon. They have set the price at $15/mo for the site I sent them, which is totally fine by me. Everyone always wants more, but you have to start somewhere. Now if I would have done this a few months ago when the site was really hot I’m sure I would have made more money, but oh well you live and learn. So this is good news, I’ll keep everyone updated on whether or not anyone decides to buy an ad on the site.

On a side note, I tried to get my forum approved by the site and they denied me right out of the box. They didn’t even say “yes, until further approval” it was just flat out “nope” and they review sites every Monday and would look at it again… riiight, we’ll see about that. The forum gets more hits than the site that got approved and I would place the links as the 2nd post of every thread page so I don’t understand the problem, but we’ll see, maybe they will approve it at a later date.

So at this point I’m going to have to recommend text-link-ads , but we’ll see how the actual sales go.

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