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Buying A New Domain Name to Increase SERPs – [2009]

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Often overlooked by beginning companies, buying additional domains that relate to your products and services, and hosting blogs on them can be a valuable tool in creating valuable backlinks to your site. Lets say you own and sell dog leashes, collars, dog bowls, poop bags, and more.   Now, lets say you buy and and host simple but related blogs on each.  As the search engines spider those additional sites and see that not only a block of relevant content is pointing to your domain but an entire site on your topic favors your brand, it weights those links heavier.  Also, aging links are often seen as the most important in search engines, and if you control the keyword rich domains, you can always make sure that your links stay valid.  This also helps you create your own ring of sites, which has the potential to rack up a lot more valid traffic, and also helps you put yourself more in control of your important links.

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